Boutia Iranian Entrance Competition

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Boutia Iranian Entrance Competition

4 Architecture Studio

Architect: Kasra Shafieezadeh _Hosein Zinaghaji _Mohammad Yousef Salehi_Mohammad ebrahim Tajik_Mohammad Sadegh Afshar
Design Team: Farnaz Khayam_ Mojan Fekri_Mohammad Sadegh Afshar _Reza Mahjouri_Milad Mosavat _Negar Sadeghi_Pegah Rahimipak _Mahsa Farshadikia
Location: Kerman, Iran

The contest problem was to design a portal for BIS Company. The company is located in Kerman, a city with rich architectural heritage. Due to the hot and dry climate, semi-open spaces with reticulated walls, and also presence of water are of the ancient architectural patterns of this region. To design, we decided to turn the entrance gate from a frame into an entrance space, and proposed a new definition of the portal. Entrance space became a comfortable space for waiting, meeting and staying. The general form of the portal is inspired by the melting furnaces, and is made of steel sheets to convey what the scope of company is. Also, the placement of volumes was done in such a way that the reflection of the sun at different times would be a reminder of molten metal.

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