Dolchevita house Interior Competition

Dolchevita house Interior Competition, مسابقه طراحی داخلی خانه دولچه ویتا

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Dolchevita house Architecture and Interior Competition


The Dolchevita house Interior Competition was a contest for designing a house in a box of 20×7×7 without any specific preconditions. The issue we were considering in this project was a critical analysis of modern human life and the houses in which this human being lives. The modern human has a foot on the ground and head in the sky. Commodity fetishism and variety seeking are ruling over him. His type of dialog with the environment is becoming simple and transparent, and any ambiguity in spatial data makes him tedious. By examining these cases, we started looking for a compatible space with these characteristics. Shopping malls are spaces that are close to the space we were looking for. In such a space, all the needs of modern humans are fulfilled quickly and easily. It does not define any instruction for them and, most importantly, everything is transparent and legible. Showcases and signs accelerate the understanding of space and motion.

The Dolchevita house we designed is a shopping mall house. All of the walls represent their own applications, have their own characteristic, and are completely separate from each other. In other words, the icon of every space as its characteristic is visible from the outside of that space, and individuals and their activities are also guided towards the wall to add transparency to the house. There is also green space as the main theme and layout of the house.



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