Jewelry Showroom Interior Design

Jewelry Gallery Interior Design, نمای طلا فروشی

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Jewelry Gallery Interior Design

4 Architecture Studio
Architect: Mohammad Yousef Salehi, Kasra Shafieezadeh, Mohammad Sadegh Afshar Taheri
Design Team: Milad Mosavat, Shaghayegh Mousavi, Sara Bostanchi, Yasaman Ghafari
Area: 60 sqm

A gold sailing shop in the eastern gold exchange retail market of Tehran assigned to our office. Our client wanted to open his new branch in this area. The main branch was located in Grand Bazaar of Tehran which was an old store with traditional Iranian architecture which had made the functional aspects of the store very unique. On the other hand, gold sailer wanted a modern and special design. We eventually decided to redefine traditional architecture in this store. We put the traditional shape of an Iranian arch as our example and then further remodeled it into a more modern design. Furthermore, our other consideration was to include elements representing the very soul of gold and jewelry retail in our project. The most outstanding feature of gold is its shine and glossiness. We brought this feature to life by designing a special lighting system in the space of the store to make the customers feel like they have entered a gem mine.

The main building is a follower in the design strategy and making the project recognizable from a distance.

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