Khansar home Interior Design

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Khansar home Interior Design

4 Architecture Studio

Architect :Hosein Zinaghaji _Kasra Shafieezadeh _Mohammad yousef Salehi_Aidin voskah
Design Team:Mojan Fekri_Mohammad Sadegh Afshar_Mahsa Farshadikia_Tina Ostad Aghanazari

Location: khansar_Esfahan_Iran



This home interior design employer asked us for a pleasant and lively environment. His most important demand was providing a playroom and a television room for his two little children. He also wanted to have a wide-open space for their guests and their private living room simultaneously. This diversity in applications was not possible in a 120 m2 house. In the khansar interior design We decided to create multi-functional spaces by putting up mobile walls. So that spaces in different modes could meet the employer’s needs. All modes of the walls are designed in a way to be proper and desired.


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