Ramsar Residential Complex

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Ramsar Residential Complex

4 Architecture Studio

Architect: Hosein Zinaghaji_Kasra Shafeezadeh_Mohammad Yousef Salehi_Aidin voskah
Design team: Tina Ostad Agha Nazari_Yasaman Ghaffari_Milad Mosavat_Mojan Fekri
Location: Ramsar_Mazandaran_Iran
Site Area:800sqm
Built Area:3600sqm

The land of the project was located at a very special location at the highest point of a hill, which was supposed to be a 14-flat building designed in 6 different types, as a landmark building in the area Form of the building was of great importance because of its strategic position. Hence, we used the Archetype of the house form, which was very similar to the local houses of that area. Materials were also chosen from the local material of the area to make the project in more harmony with the used field. The project features the pool in floors, Game Room, single flats, duplexes, and penthouse on top of the building, as well as public spaces and green spaces.


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