Roudehen Villa Architecture And Interior

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Roudehen Villa Architecture And Interior design

4 Architecture Studio
Architect: Hossein Zinaghaji, Kasra Shafieezadeh, Mohammad Yousef Salehi, Mohammad Sadegh Afshar Taheri
Design Team: Yasaman Ghaffari, Sara Bostanchi, Milad Mosavat, Vida Janavi, Mahsa Farshadi Kia
Built Area: 1400sqm
Electrical: Mr Bozorgnia
Structure engineering: Iman Hazrati
Detail Design: Kave Khajoui

The Roudehen villa site was placed in a mountainous region. The project’s employer asked for a very large house, including One floor for swimming pool, sports and janitor, one floor for a dance hall, a Floor as a party room, mini Bowling, and the main and top floor of the villa for a private living room and bedrooms. Due to the integration of mass and space, we decided to design the villa in maximum contact with the green space. Also, middle spaces were used to create private terraces. Due to the steep slope of the land, the main building entrance was placed on the third floor above the courtyard and connected to the street by a bridge. Bridges in the Roudehen Villa Architecture And Interior are indicator elements of communication, which help as the links between outside and inside. The terraces are designed in a way to absorb the appropriate amount of energy in different seasons of the year. The villa also features a fruit tree inside the house, a dance hall that is connected to the pool, water flow along with the courtyard, lighting, and attractive entrance next to the waterfall and garden.


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