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Zendegi Bridge Competition ( Haft Shahr e Eshgh)



Location: Iran,Shiraz

Function: Civic

Architecture office: Four Architecture Studio

Design Supervisor: Negar Nabavi Tabatabai, Sara Maleki, Mohammad Sadegh Afshar Taheri, Kasra ShafieeZadeh, Mohammad Yousef Salehi

Project Executive Team: Mohammad Zaman 

Date: Summer 2020

Project Brief

Zendegi Bridge Competition ( Haft Shahr e Eshgh)

Life from  the perspective of wisdom, can be a road with unlimited choices in motion at the moment. Each decision effects our place. From the perspective of mystics, forgetfulness or being lost in materialistic matters, is distinguished as being lost on those moments .After forgetfulness, the light of nourishment will expose on all of us at the same time but lost people’s eyes are closed and they are not able to see the light or at the best, understand small portions of it .Pain of separation is the pain of forgetting or lover’s enthusiasm towards the loved one and this pain continues to purify the love from the lover’s impureness and get fused into one love. Component unites to it’s whole  and opens Its eyes to the light.

Everyone stayed away from their origin

Rejoice the time of connecting

There are people who choose the route of love and step into this easy but challenging procedure, do not get lost in the appearances, see the sky full of light and go on with the wisdom of light. Light will always shine on them but they tolerate the hardness of being lovers which is titled as the sweet poison.

Arise, oh Cup-bearer, rise! and bring To lips that are thirsting the bowl they praise

For it seemed that love was an easy thing ,But my feet have fallen on difficult ways

But they believe that the loved one itself helps us and the challenges become easy by his/her help.

O heart, if the flood of annihilation is your foundation,

It will break because you are Noah, the wrestler from the flood of sorrow.

The bridge of life must consist of directions and in the end everyone must have tried the real love. The choice is with the audience to choose the direction of love which is challenging but the sky is blue , Or the apparently easier and more enthusiastic directions, which he/she will be lost in them  and will lose the sky above ! It depends on his/her choices which makes arises or fall offs .For a better organization on the directions we use the seven stages of love said in attar’s book to see the changes being made to directions with people’s rises. The era of love, wisdom ,self- sufficiency  , wonder and death consist our stages to reach the upper skin. All these stages make changes to our feelings when we pass them and this is why the upper skin is the resemblance of the paradise which the pattern of Persian  garden is used to show the concept with the presence of water and plants.