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About us

Here is some information about us.

4 Architecture Studio is a young studio that accepts projects for architecture, landscape, industrial design and any other type of artistic design. Calling it as 4 is because of the cooperation of four friends in No. 4 flat established in 2014. Kasra ShafieeZadeh, Mohammad Sadegh Afshar Taheri And Mohammad Yousef Salehi are the CEO and design principal of 4. who go ahead benefiting from a professional and educated team implementing the most updated technology taking local architecture into consideration.4 believes that nowadays there is no desire for a definite and specific style. It means that the designer should be strategist by creating the style using the data and the expectations of the employer.

you can find the most updated projects and 4 Architecture Studio full Portfolio and new proposals on the Projects Page.

As an Avangard young architectural firm, it is always a pleasure to receive your opinions. also, comments and ideas about us and our projects can help a lot. all the projects in this Page have been designed by 4 Architecture Studio Architects. Kasra Shafieezadeh, Mohammad Yousef Salehi, Mohammad Sadegh Afshar Taheri and, our incredible team.

Within these years we nominated and won several awards. And published in many famous Architectural websites, exhibitions, and magazines.

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